Join the Rise to Run Movement!


As Congress comes back from recess, students go back to school, and summer comes to an end, we're asking people to recommit to the fight and pledge their support for a new wave of leadership -- young, progressive women. Help these women get trained in their communities and run for office.

Take action below and share on social why you think the #RiseOfTheWoman will bring the rise of our nation. 

1. Are you a young, progressive woman? Pledge to get trained, join a community & run for office.

2. Do you support young, progressive women? Help them run for office.

Pledge your support here, stay updated on our progress, learn about how you can get involved in your community:

3. Sustain the movement.

Keep the momentum going and help us sustain a movement of young progressive women getting trained, organizing, and eventually running. We've had hundreds of women across the country tell us they want to join or start their own Hub -- and RUN! We need your help:


4. Tell us about a trailblazing woman who can serve as a mentor - including you! 

Our Trailblazers are women are former or current candidates, and former or current elected officials who are leaders in their communities and embody our mission. They serve as mentors and inspiration to the young women we're training. Trailblazers demonstrate that women of all different backgrounds, identities, abilities, and faiths can and should run for office. Know someone who fits that criteria? Tell us!

Shoot us a note: