Join the Rise to Run Movement!

5 Ways to Take Action

1. Run for office: are you interested in running for office? Let's go! 

2. Get involved: organize in your community or volunteer with the national organization.

3. Be a supporter: stay in touch and follow our movement. 

4. Donate: help sustain our work - the future depends on it!

5. Be a Trailblazer: are you a progressive elected official or current candidate? Or know someone who fits that criteria? Let's talk.

1. Are you a young, progressive woman who is interested in running for office or running a campaign? 

2. Do you want to get involved in your community or volunteer at the national level?

This takes a village - we need all hands on deck, online and across the country.

3. Do you support young, progressive women? Stay in touch and follow our movement.

4. Sustain the movement.

Keep the momentum going and help us sustain a movement of young progressive women getting trained, organizing, and eventually running. We've had hundreds of women across the country tell us they want to join or start their own Hub -- and RUN! We need your help:

5. Tell us about a trailblazing woman who can serve as a mentor - including you! 

Our Trailblazers are women are former or current candidates, and former or current elected officials who are leaders in their communities and embody our mission. They serve as mentors and inspiration to the young women we're training. Trailblazers demonstrate that women of all different backgrounds, identities, abilities, and faiths can and should run for office. Know someone who fits that criteria? Tell us!





Empower Activist Coalition

Women’s March EMPOWER is an initiative of Women’s March Youth through a coalition with PeaceFirstRise To RunThe Gathering For JusticeRock The Vote and Teen Vogue and is supported by Emerge America and the Women’s Media Center. Women’s March EMPOWER upholds the Unity Principles of the Women’s March platform and our goal is to provide young people with the tools needed to create high school and college chapters that guide students in making a positive impact on their communities. We believe that the single most powerful act we can do is prepare young people with the skills and commitments to take actions around causes that matter to them with courage, compassion and collaboration.


  1. Through a core toolkit developed in collaboration with PeaceFirst that guides young activists through identifying the cause they would like to focus on, Young Leaders will lead chapter members around organizing focused on a cause that matters to them and their community
  2. To prepare young people to get educated on voting and get ready to vote through collaboration with Rock The Vote
  3. To support specific young women who are interested in running for office through collaboration with Rise To Run


Particularly for young women, running for office is an act of resistance, and a direct action to fight against injustice in your community. Rise to Run brings progressive girls and young women together in their communities to give them insight into the political process, connect them with mentors, and involve them in local organizing. Through quality, in-person, age-appropriate training and on-the-ground networks, and the powerful coalition of Women’s March EMPOWER, electoral politics and political action are more accessible for young women of every identity. The training covers the fundamentals of building a campaign, what it looks like to run as a progressive, the structure of holding local office, and other ways to show up in your community as a candidate, and eventually as an elected official.

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