Our movement:

what we do & what we stand for
Rise of the woman = Rise of the nation
Since the 2016 election – and at the Women’s March on Washington – a host of influencers, from lawmakers to activists to celebrities, have implored American women to run for office. We are answering these calls to action by creating the first and only nationwide, grassroots and community-based organization focused on training and encouraging progressive high school girls and college-aged women to run for office.

The organizations currently in this space are nonpartisan, or they exist primarily online, or they’re not focused solely on this critical age group of women. Rise to Run brings progressive girls and young women together in their communities to give them insight into the political process, connect them with mentors, and involve them in local organizing. Through quality, in-person, age-appropriate training and on-the-ground networks, we’re making electoral politics and political action more accessible for young women of every identity.

Why girls and young women?
The current average age of American women who run for office is 47. The goal of Rise to Run is to create a new pipeline of women ready to enter electoral politics at a younger age. In addition, we’re encouraging girls and young women to view public service as a viable and desirable occupation: a recent study of high school and college students found that only 19 percent had any interest in running for office. To reverse that trend, Rise to Run’s boots-on-the-ground infrastructure emboldens young progressive women to enter public office, electoral politics, and progressive activism at all levels of government.

A values-based approach
There is no litmus test for participation in Rise to Run – just a shared commitment to progressive values. Together we will work toward intersectional policy priorities that include, but are not limited to: economic, racial, reproductive, education and climate justice; a commitment to human rights and dignity; protecting the rights of women and children, immigrants, refugees, people of different faith communities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ and gender non-conforming folks, and other sensitive populations; supporting criminal justice reform; combating police violence; and fighting voter suppression and ensuring equal protection under the law for all. Our future candidates believe in building bridges, not walls.

Commitment to inclusion
Our staff, mentors, and candidates reflect the vibrant communities that make up America. Rise to Run welcomes and uplifts women of all identities, backgrounds, abilities and expressions. We are deeply committed to recruiting women of color and women with diverse economic experiences in order to bring about sweeping change to the landscape of American electoral politics.

All boats rise with a tide of women candidates
Rise to Run works with existing local and education-based organizations, as well as national organizations focused on progressive and women’s issues, to forge alliances that will benefit our recruits and candidates. These connections also help Rise to Run participants identify opportunities to recognize and address unserved needs where they live.

Through community and campus-based affiliates, high quality training programs, and a robust alumni network, Rise to Run is motivating, preparing, and supporting young women to run for office or assume high-level campaign staff positions – perfectly positioning them to enter the world of electoral politics and effect generational change.