Rise to Run Hubs

Rise to Run will offer high-quality, age-appropriate training that prepares Risers to run for office at every level of government and in every region of the country, or to fill high-level campaign staff positions. To participate in a training, you can join a Hub (think: local Rise to Run chapter or community organizing group!) or start your own! The training will reflect our commitment to progressive values, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality.

Right now we are launching pilot programs in four locations: Bloomington, Indiana; Durham, North Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; and San Francisco, California. These pilots are a mix of community and campus-based Hubs. 

We plan to have Hubs in every state by 2020.


Bloomington, IN


Durham, NC



Madison, WI




Interested in joining one of these Rise to Run Hubs or starting your own? Sign up below!