We’re bold. We’re progressive. We’re Next. And we’re not going anywhere.

Rise to Run is the first and only grassroots and community-based organization that is progressive, exists both on and offline, and is focused solely on training this critical age group of women to run for office.


We need to invest in a wave of young, progressive women who are committed to running for office, running campaigns, and reshaping the future of American politics. That’s you!

We're mobilizing and training progressive high school girls and college-aged to women run for office and become involved in the political process. Rise to Run’s boots-on-the-ground infrastructure emboldens young progressive women to enter public office, electoral politics, and progressive activism at all levels of government – from campaign manager to city council to Congresswoman.

Organizing communities of young, progressive women and building power at a local level will build a better, stronger, more inclusive country. And in turn, we’ll significantly lower the average age women enter politics.


Women in America deserve and must demand control over their own destinies. Entering electoral politics can be daunting and difficult; those of us who already have a seat at the table have an obligation to pull up chairs for other women with shared progressive ideals. We must lift as we climb, develop and amplify others’ voices, and foster a new generation’s commitment to improve their communities and our country
— Ayanna Pressley, Boston City Council member and the first woman of color to be elected to the Council